KT Tape: Jumper's Knee

CHECK OUT THE NEW VERSION: bit.ly Jumper’s knee is often caused by over-use or strain on the patellar ligament. The patellar ligament joins the patella (kneecap) to the shin bone, or tibia. It is very strong and facilitates straightening the leg by the quadriceps muscles. The quadriceps muscles straighten the knee in jumping, running, and other movements in which the individual needs to be propelled from the ground. These muscles also function to stabilize the body during landing. The patellar ligament endures a great deal of stress during these movements. This is especially true when the individual frequently changes direction, performs jumping movements, or uses the ligament repeatedly for long periods of time — as in running. With repeated over-use and constant inflammation, micro-tears as well as collagen degeneration may occur. Typical non-invasive treatment includes resting, icing, and eccentric strengthening of the quadriceps muscles. The KT Tape application for Jumper’s Knee is excellent for providing pain relief as well as taking strain off of the ligament, promoting blood flow to the area, and providing proprioceptive (body awareness) confidence. Proper diagnosis of the source of your pain is vital to creating a treatment plan to reduce pain and improve function. Your professional medical provider has the tools and expertise to diagnose and develop a treatment plan for your specific condition.

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